Late March trip with Brad





Took a fishing trip with Brad this weekend. Weather was much warmer than expected in the upper thirties. Hit 2 streams, fishing mostly nymphs with a few risers in the afternoon as the sun warmed up the water. Even saw some bwos, a welcome sign of spring. Brad had a great day- pulled this pretty brookie out after 2 consecutive bows from the same run. Ended the day at TG and a great light supper at the oneota co-op.


A look ahead to fall…..

Even though this is a Spring vid, it still gets the blood boiling for our annual fall trip to the Brule River (Superior Trib). These guys at FFM know how to put their Switch rods to good use.

Practice starts now for fishing this summer…

Switch rod on the Upper Iowa? You bet. Jared and I spent some time Thursday working on casting techniques for my new Echo switch rod on the river. I’m really looking forward to trying this outfit for smallmouth, walleye on Iowa rivers this summer and nymphing big bugs on Brule this fall (…or spring). It’s a 6wt Echo SR coupled with an Echo 7/8 reel and Rio switch line. Great casting rod so far either overhead or nice, long roll casts (perfect for our rivers here). It’s been a joy to cast so far- now just waiting for the temps to warm the rivers so the fish will start moving. Check back for reports and pictures this spring and summer!



Spring is on the way…

We spent a great day on the streams on Thursday of this week. Despite a slow drive North on snow and ice-covered roads, we were pleasantly surprised to see our streams back in great shape. Given the floods of earlier this week we weren’t sure what we’d find. I haven’t seen them off-color and high-“er” for over a year, making for some fun fishing. All the pocket water was back and fish were eating all day, keying in on smaller streamers and soft hackles and midge trailers. Hopefully this spring we continue to get regular moisture to keep these streams in good shape through the season. 

We ended the day at the Upper Iowa casting Ryan’s new switch rod. You could tell the river had been up about 5 feet higher just days ago from where we were standing. It provided a great setting to give the set up a try. 

As always, we’re looking forward to the next trip up.