A rare, beautiful day in an otherwise nasty Spring

P1050142 P1050144 P1050146 P1050147 P1050149

Had a chance to get out yesterday to an old favorite, Coldwater Creek. I learned to fly fish on this stream, and while it’s no secret among anglers, the scenery surrounding the creek and the drive there is unparalleled. The stream was running cloudy to off-color, but fish were eating. A little more visibility and fish may have noticed the bwos coming off and it would have been a whole different day. You could easily see that in the past week, the whole valley had been swept by flood water, grasses matted and debris covered. Trout are amazing creatures that through all that chaos, manage to hold in and just wait. The stream has really gone through a lot of changes over the course of the last year with help from the DNR to change some of the course of the stream for the better.

Took a poke at the Upper Iowa with the switch rod, fun to cast, but a little too high, cold, and dirty to be productive yet. 50s and 60s forecasted for next weekend and just in time as we take the MS Fly Fishing Club on our first trip out! And…if water holds…there will be some great pictures from Sunday from a special fishing trip. Details to come.


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