Driftless Patterns for the BWO Hatch

We like to keep our posts short and sweet, so here we go-

The first highly productive and most basic fly for pre- BWO Hatch is the Pheasant-tail (#16-18), with or without a beadhead. Its one of our many “go-to” bugs for spring time.


Once the hatch starts and you start to see a few bugs on the surface, (but there still isn’t any noticeable fish rising) throw on a Shop-Vac. Its a great emerger pattern and depending on water clarity. We use them with or without a beadhead, in sizes #16-18 .


When the fish are sipping cripples or emergers, a BWO Klinkhammer usually does the trick. A great fly for Spring and Fall Baetis.


Finally for the adult bugs, I typically use one of these two patterns. The first fly is a very basic and easy to tie pattern called a “Hi-Vis Mayfly” created by John Barr. The colors of this fly are very easy to change and I tie them in olive, grey, and blue dun.


The second BWO adult pattern (besides a parachute dun) is one that I think most skip right over. Its called a Hackle Stacker- (because of unique the tying process) this fly has a pretty low profile and is perfect for the the ultra-selective trout that we run into from time to time.


The last (but not least) is the Rusty Spinner for those spent mayfly adults. This pattern, used at the end of the hatch, is key (#16-18).


By adding a few of these flies to your arsenal, it assures that you wont miss a stage in the Blue Winged Olive (BWO) Hatch this Spring. Get outside and enjoy the warm weather!



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