Cooler temps and warm (water) fishing

Fall is a difficult time for me to get to every trout stream I’d like to visit, so I often turn to the river to scratch the fly fishing “itch.” I am rarely disappointed. As days shorten and temps cool, fall fishing heats up. The reasons for my love of fly fishing the river are many:

  • I love to get out and just cast. I personally find casting therapeutic. After a long day, there is nothing like the simplicity of casting a fly rod. Fish or not, it’s a great feeling to throw that line out there.
  • You don’t have to be “delicate.” Warmwater fishing means bigger flies like clousers, zonkers, articulated streamers, buggers, etc. I really enjoy just cranking a big fly out on the water and the feeling of a big eat (feels like you have snagged a log….and sometimes you do).
  • It’s fun casting my 8wt. I take a variety of rods to the river, but I enjoy casting a big rod that helps turn over big flies. It gets the job done and I love the power that it has. As my mind starts turning toward steelheading, I’ll be taking my switch rod down too.
  • It’s productive! Fall means walleye and smallies. Dusk and early morning seem to be the best times for fishing- and when they do, they tend to eat ferociously.

Sure, casting a fly rod in a town of 7500 in NE Iowa tends to get some questions- or at least an occasional audience from the bridge. Maybe someday I’ll go down to the river and have to fight for a spot with another fly fisherman!


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