Clear Creek Swing-Back Pack Review

One of the fun things about starting up a guide service in Iowa has been the fly fishing connections we’ve made locally. We’ve been overwhelmed by the fly fishing and outdoor companies locally and regionally that have reached out to us. Clear Creek Fishing Gear, based out of Denver, Iowa has been a great company to deal with from day one for us at Driftless on the Fly. Clear Creek offers a full range of fly fishing gear and customizable accessories that supplies shops across the country.

One of my favorite Clear Creek products is their swing backpack. This relatively new pack features a variety of different options with a premium amount of space in a conveniently-sized package. It’s really the perfect marriage of a sling pack and backpack. On the front, you’ll find a single, adjustable sling that can be drawn up as tightly as you desire. An additional clasp from the left helps keep the bag balanced and steady. The sling has ample area to clip on tools like mitten scissors with ease. The “pack” part of this bag features a removable “shelf” inside that, if installed, provides for an upper and lower storage compartments. Uninstalled, and you have a full-storage option. Exterior mesh pockets on both sides plus back provide space for thermos, water, or flask. It also has loops for a net, etc. that you want to stow. I believe I’ll be able to lash on a light tripod on longer days.  This water-resistant pack is just ideal for a variety of situations.

I most recently took this pack on our annual Great Lakes steelhead trip to the Brule River in Wisconsin. This pack did it all. When your hands are cold, you want things to be in the right places, out of the way, and handy if needed. We also tend to walk long distances during this trip, so something light is necessary. The swing backpack let me stow my big case of bugs, extra tippet, leaders, thermometer, shot and cliff bars in the lower pouch with a simple pull of the over-sized zippers. In the upper storage area, I kept our “nicer camera” in a waterproof bag. When I needed to get something out, it was as simple as detaching the strap in the front, and sliding the bag around me. Simple and secure.

I’m excited to take this on guided trips this year in the Driftless region. I can feel good about promoting a bag that is functional, lightweight, stylish, and made locally, right here in Iowa. Check out Clear Creek Fishing Gear on  facebook, or


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